Our bookings value growth as a measure of operation sales during the quarter, registered about 90% increase year-on-year during the quarter. In terms of volume sold, we saw more than 100% or a doubling of growth.

The highlights that led to that growth were that we had projects for the first time that we launched in six new cities in the quarter. Those cities are Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

The visibility in terms of the number of term sheets we have signed and the active deal discussions that are in advance stage, are probably the best they have ever been.

The residential sector has been down cycle now since 2013. What we are seeing now is relatively stable - both volume and price-wise. We are also seeing a lot of consolidation and opportunities for market share gains. Pricing has also been broadly flattish in most markets, but in some markets like NCR, there has been a sharp price reduction from peak levels.

On the commercial side, commercial real estate sector recovery started in about 2015. That continues to be doing very well and both leasing volumes and rates have seen a pretty steady increase

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